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Extravaganza a Success-ganza!

August 27, 2008

The 10th Episode Extravaganza of JuicyPink Tv was a blast to make! Pie eating contests, themed igloo contests, it was all so much fun! But now it’s time to move on and wait for the 20th Episode, which means another anniversary for JPTV which also means tons of parties! Oh and I forgot to mention, in order to celebrate for the 10th Extravaganza, there’s a party. Here is the schedule:

Time: 5:00 Club Penguin Time

Server: Frozen

When: August 30, 2008

Where: Forest

Hope to see you there!


New Piczo Site!!!

August 27, 2008

Hey guys! Be sure to visit our new Piczo site, it’s very cool! It’s a funky place to just hang out! This site is a blog with up-coming events, still interesting though! But Piczo if cooler! It has a cool background, extra cool and funky widgets, and exciting other new stuff, lol! The URL is: and be sure to visit!

JuicyPink Tv 10th Episode Extravaganza!

August 27, 2008

The JPTV Team is currently filming our 10th Episode Extravaganza! Be sure to join us as we host a pie-eating contest, igloo contest, and so much more! It will be the most spectacular episode in the history of JPTV ever!

polls to come

August 25, 2008

hey guys, it’s me, daysi221. jodie1114ever and i wanted to announce that we’ll be having polls soon, stay tuned in for that. hope you guys like the new template, please keep on going to our site, we really need more viewers.



JuicyPink Tv is back in business!

August 25, 2008

You may have heard JuicyPink Tv was canceled, think again! JuicyPink Tv is back in business! Be sure to check out Episode 9. We’ll have everything upgraded! From ideas, activities and more!

What do you think?

August 22, 2008

We’d like to know what was your favorite Club Penguin Party! Send us an e-mail at so we can hear your thoughts! Your thought might even be included here and we’ll send you a big shout-out!

A chat with Daysi221 and me

August 22, 2008

Daysi221 and I had a chat a day ago. We were just chatting until we had an idea that we can think up a subject to chat on and post on this blog.


Our Topic: Club Penguin Parties


Me: “What was your favorite Club Penguin party?”

Daysi221: “I’d say the Halloween party,”

Me: “Why?”

Daysi221: “Um, well, I though it was really well-decorated and really fun, in my opinion of course,”

Daysi221: “What was yours?”

Me: “I would say the Water Party. It was really fun and they made really cool stuff.”

Daysi: “Okay,”

Me: “Would you like to say ‘Goodbye’ to all of our viewers?”

Daysi221: “Of course. Thanks for listeneing to the Club Penguin Report!”

Me: “Bye!”

Daysi221: “See ya!”


August 22, 2008

Would you like to see some movies?! Some of the movies are made by me but others are made by, well, others! Enjoy! Oh and don’t forget to grab your popcorn!



Club Penguin-Sad Movie

Club Penguin Job-Episode 4



Club Penguin-A Homeless Story


Club Penguin-The Bad Boy in School


August 19, 2008

I am glad to introduce my best friend, Daysi221 AKA FlowerK56. Her real name is Isabell, she goes on You Tube, plays club penguin, and does ballroom dancing, just like me!

We are like sisters. Just a few days ago, she came over to my house and I had an interview with her. Of course, I would know a lot of stuff about her, but since I am writing an article about her, you guys should know about her.

Me: “So Isabell, how long have you been playing Club Penguin?”

Isabell: “Um…about a year,”

Me: “Are you a member?”

Isabell: “No not yet, I don’t want to be actually,”

Me: “Why not?”

Isabell: “You waste your money, and I have a lot of non-member items, so I’m happy,”

Me: “What is your penguins name?”

Isabell: “Daysi221.”

Me: “Of course…”


August 19, 2008

Hey guys! I am currently updating this site to make it better. It will include:

  • Movies (especially made for you)
  • What’s Happening on Club Penguin
  • Polls, etc.

I’m working hard on this! =]