I am glad to introduce my best friend, Daysi221 AKA FlowerK56. Her real name is Isabell, she goes on You Tube, plays club penguin, and does ballroom dancing, just like me!

We are like sisters. Just a few days ago, she came over to my house and I had an interview with her. Of course, I would know a lot of stuff about her, but since I am writing an article about her, you guys should know about her.

Me: “So Isabell, how long have you been playing Club Penguin?”

Isabell: “Um…about a year,”

Me: “Are you a member?”

Isabell: “No not yet, I don’t want to be actually,”

Me: “Why not?”

Isabell: “You waste your money, and I have a lot of non-member items, so I’m happy,”

Me: “What is your penguins name?”

Isabell: “Daysi221.”

Me: “Of course…”


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