A chat with Daysi221 and me

Daysi221 and I had a chat a day ago. We were just chatting until we had an idea that we can think up a subject to chat on and post on this blog.


Our Topic: Club Penguin Parties


Me: “What was your favorite Club Penguin party?”

Daysi221: “I’d say the Halloween party,”

Me: “Why?”

Daysi221: “Um, well, I though it was really well-decorated and really fun, in my opinion of course,”

Daysi221: “What was yours?”

Me: “I would say the Water Party. It was really fun and they made really cool stuff.”

Daysi: “Okay,”

Me: “Would you like to say ‘Goodbye’ to all of our viewers?”

Daysi221: “Of course. Thanks for listeneing to the Club Penguin Report!”

Me: “Bye!”

Daysi221: “See ya!”


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